Stadia Stream Connect Debuts with Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

With the latest update to the Stadia store and with the release of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, one of the most interesting, and important features of Stadia — Stream Connect, is unveiled as well. For those of you that aren’t aware, Stadia Stream Connect is Google’s version of multi-player co-op.

Stadia’s Stream Connect lets you see your teammates’ screen in real-time. As you play through missions and co-op matches online with your friends, you’ll see exactly what they do — on your screen. Each stream is rendered in high definition 1080p, and up to 3 separate screens can be seen per player (for a total of 4). This is an awesome feature, which thanks to the cloud — allows us to take advantage of real-time screen sharing without any performance penalties.

“Stream Connect is a complex form of picture-in-picture. The tech allows Stadia players to see the perspectives of their friends in real-time alongside their own gameplay session. In Breakpoint, Ubisoft elected to show a direct feed of your three co-op partners, so you can see what they’re doing in little screens.” – vg247

Here’s a few images, courtesy of 9to5Google:
Stadia Stream Connect

Stadia Stream Connect ShareSTADIA

As well as a video:

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