Stadia Super Saturday Returns: April 25, 2020

Coronavirus lockdowns may still be in effect, but that doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity for the gaming community to get together virtually! And that is exactly what a group of passionate Google Stadia fans have organised—and the result of their combined efforts is Google Stadia Super Saturday!

Kicking off bright and early at 2AM PST, Super Saturday is a major event for everyone who loves Stadia! The entire day will be packed full of massive events and podcasts, all designed to share the awesome features that Google Stadia makes possible.

Stadia Super Saturday? What’s That?

Google Stadia Super Saturday is an event which is set to share huge amounts of content from all of the top Stadia content creators. The event is primarily based on English speakers, however, there are even a few different events scheduled that also cater for other language speakers and Stadia fans too—including a selection of French and Spanish events. This means that the return of Super Saturday is even more inclusive than before, and if the first event was anything to go by, there should be plenty of great content for Stadia gamers to enjoy!

In short? Stadia Super Saturday is a celebration of Google Stadia and all that it can offer for gamers. And with lockdowns in full force still (at least for most places, anyway), what better way to occupy your time safely than by getting involved with a global community of Stadia fans for the return of Stadia Super Saturday?

What’s Available?

Google Stadia Super Saturday is a collection of a huge number of different Stadia related content, organised as a day-long event designed to celebrate Google Stadia and the opportunities that the platform offers for gamers. The event has returned for a second time after the immense success of the first Super Saturday, and is complete with more content and new creators—including some from other nationalities and languages, making the return of Stadia Super Saturday a truly global event.

There is a huge selection of different content available for the event, from podcasts to Let’s Plays to Open Mics and everything in between! There are some big Stadia names getting involved with the event too, including Stadiacast hosting an exclusive podcast for the event! In short, whatever it is that interests you about Stadia, there is sure to be something for you!

Join Stadia Super Saturday!

In these difficult times, staying connected and keeping occupied is absolutely essential—so why not join in with Stadia Super Saturday and join some of your favorite content creators for exciting Stadia discussions? You may even find some new favorite content creators and learn more about how Stadia gaming could revolutionize your own gaming.

Even with Coronavirus wreaking havoc, the Google Stadia community remains strong and unwavering; despite the challenges that we are facing, the community continues to grow and develop and thrive! Stay safe, stay at home, and protect yourselves and others!

Follow the Reddit thread for all the info — Stadia Super Saturday – April 25, 2020

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