Stadia vs PS5 vs Xbox 2

Ever since the announcement of Google Stadia, the big boys of the business—Sony and Xbox—have been clashing heads almost continuously in the battle for the best console. But how do they compare to Stadia and, critically, which of the three will come out on top as the best gaming platform?

Stadia vs PS5 vs Xbox 2 — An Overview

Theoretically, based upon what we have been told, Google Stadia should be the clear winner in any comparison. With its ability to stream exceptionally high-quality games in any location that you can get a fairly-fast internet connection—even on your mobile—there seems to be little room for traditional consoles to compete (other than for the nostalgia factor). Furthermore, whilst it is a relative newcomer to the gaming industry, Google is the third most valuable corporation in the world, worth a staggering $120.9 billion and beaten only by Apple ($146.3 billion) and Amazon ($150.8 billion). By contrast, Microsoft comes in at number 7, with a value of $81.2 billion, and Xbox doesn’t even make the top ten. This is admittedly not representative of the quality of the consoles/services offered by each company, but it does give an idea as to what they can invest in product development. If anyone can pull off Cloud gaming, it’s Google.

However, many console gamers do have concerns about the concept of a cloud gaming server. By its very nature, the player will not own a copy of the game, meaning that playing the downloaded versions is completely dependent on the Stadia servers. If they crash or are otherwise unavailable, the games will be unplayable. Furthermore, if Stadia was to be cancelled, any downloads  would simply be lost along with it.

Google Stadia vs Xbox 2

Microsoft’s Xbox 2 console, which is also going by the name of Xbox Scarlett, was announced at the 2018 E3 and is highly expected by fans to be tested out at E3 2019.  Whilst we know very little about this next-gen console itself, we do know the specs of the Xbox One S and X, and these pale when compared to Google Stadia’s stated specs. The X model is said to be running a GPU of 6.0 teraflops, which is evidently much lower than Stadia’s 10.7 GPU teraflops. A clear winner there on power alone, then.

One other point that goes in Google Stadia’s favour here is the release date. With Stadia expected to be available around Fall 2019, and the Xbox 2 anticipated for later on in 2020, Stadia will also have the added benefit of winning over customers before the Scarlett console.

Google Stadia vs PS5

If Microsoft’s Xbox 2 looked weak in terms of GPU when compared to Stadia, Sony’s PS5 is expected to be comparatively useless. If one is to consider the meagre GPU of the PlayStation 4 Pro , at a mere 4.2 teraflops, it seems like quite the stretch to imagine the new version of the console coming in anywhere close to the GPU that Stadia is boasting of. It is also expected that, as per tradition, the PS5 will be released concurrently with the Xbox 2 in the first half of 2020. If this is the case, Stadia could have as much as 3/4 of a year to win over the crowds before its competitors even arrive on the scene!

To us, it seems fairly likely—assuming that Google’s claims about Stadia turn out to be true —that Stadia will be more than capable of holding its own in comparison to the Xbox 2 and the PS5. Of course, this will all depend on how well the streaming works in practice; if latency proves to be an issue as some people believe, then it really won’t have much of a leg to stand on. Going by the spectacular results of the Project Stream beta, however, we aren’t too worried on that regard! Roll on Stadia!

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