Google Stadia Apex Legends?


Hey guys,

Saw a thread over on Reddit about the possibility of a Google Stadia Apex Legends. Wanted to start a thread on SS so it can also stay updated. Playing Apex Legends on Google Stadia would be awesome! I currently have a PS4 and Apex is definitely one of my favorite games. Some people have said that since it’s streamed, Google Stadia and Apex Legends might not be possible. I think there’s a ton of haters and that when Google originally presented Stadia, they mentioned their servers and network ability — they specifically mentioned scaling Apex Legends. I’d find it hard to believe that we don’t see a Google Stadia Apex Legends release. What are your thoughts?!

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Posted by Steve Garbus (Discussions: 33, Replies: 5)
Asked on August 22, 2019 6:48 PM