The Dawning of a New Age.


I wake up on a Friday morning to a notification on my phone. It says that FedEx has delivered a package at my door. I nearly trip over my own feet as I stumble down my stairs still half a sleep. I open my front door to see this little brown box just sitting there….not looking like anything special or overwhelming. Once back in my room I begin to open the package and pull out the item I had waited on for four months. I now hold in my hands the much anticipated Google Stadia. I take the time to read over the email that was sent to me on how to prepare my TV for Stadia so as to prevent lag and other directions that came with it. I go through the steps of picking my exclusive gamertag and claiming my free games. Now is the moment of truth. I turn it on and i am just blown away. I begin by playing Destiny 2 with my cross-save account and I am just taken back by how much more beautiful it looks compared to Xbox One version. I then took Stadia on a road test and had my roommate turn on their mobile hotspot since mobile data access isn’t available on launch. I am sitting in the passenger seat going down the interstate at 70 mph and participating in a heroic public event and not skipping a beat. No lag…no pixelation…not audio quality issues. This is truly the future of gaming. I have been playing Stadia every day both at home and at work through my Pixel 3 XL and haven’t touched my Xbox One since I opened that little brown box.

Eyes Up Guardians. A new age has dawned.


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Asked on December 12, 2019 6:37 PM
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Awesome experience to read! Thank you :)

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