When Is Google Stadia Coming Out??


When is Google Stadia coming out? Do we actually know a date? When I asked when is Google Stadia coming out on other platforms, I was told in 2020 by some people and this year by others. I’d love an actual answer to this question, because I don’t know who to believe any more and I can’t wait to actually get the chance to play on Google Stadia!

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Posted by Jimbo (Discussions: 5, Replies: 0)
Asked on August 12, 2019 9:02 AM
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As of my writing this post the official site still says that Founder's Edition is releasing in November. (No specific date yet)

If you don't want to pay for "Stadia Pro" you can play with a Stadia Base account releasing in 2020. (Also no specific date yet)

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Posted by Gamers Theology (Discussions: 0, Replies: 4)
Replied on September 6, 2019 5:27 PM