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5 Advantages Google Stadia Has Over Project xCloud & Other Consoles

To my fellow Google Stadia fans and aficionados out there, Google Stadia has, unfortunately, been the punchline  of many – and I mean MANY – jokes, lots of mockery, and generally critical reviews. And, also, it seems that hardly ANYONE seems to want to give this service/system a CHANCE to be decent. Some, like Spawn Wave Media,DreamcastGuy, etc., have already written it off and declared Project XCloud superior with it’s 50 Game lineup. (That’s true, unfortunately) However, beneath all of the criticisms and mockery, there’s a decent amount of positive news, and good unique features that the other game streaming

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Phil Harrison’s Views On Cloud Gaming

At the 2019 GamesBeat Summit we saw a number of interesting discussions. One of these involved  Phil Harrison talking about Google Stadia and cloud gaming in general with Amy Hennig, a veteran game developer whom we discussed recently. In their interview, Harrison gave a few words of caution to the audience in regards to Google Stadia and the role of cloud gaming: ”This transition to game development being cloud-centric will be a fundamental shift, but it will be a difficult shift as well. This is not going to be the easiest pathway for every studio to go through.” However, it

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Google Stadia Controller for Sale

Where to Buy a Google Stadia Controller for Sale

It’s been four weeks since the first official announcement of Google Stadia at the GDC (is that all—it feels like a lifetime ago if you ask me!), and since then the internet has been rife with theories and excitement surrounding Stadia. One notable point that drew a smile from avid gaming fans was Google’s subtle nod to the old days of gaming; the Konami code, a reference to traditional Japanese gaming culture, that was etched onto the reverse side of the demo controller that was shown off at the GDC. When this Konami Code is typed in on the Stadia.dev

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Google Stadia: Giving 5G Data A Purpose

Since the announcement of the new 5G network for super fast mobile data, a lot of people have been left scratching their heads and wondering what was wrong with 4G in the first place? Sure, it’s not quite as fast as a home internet connection, but you can download a full movie in a comparatively short time as it is. Why is money being invested in this new tech when 4G isn’t even available to the entirety of the country yet? Would funds not be better spent in other areas? Google Stadia 5G Cloud Gaming & Stadia 5G Streaming Luckily

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Unity Game Engine To Support Stadia

The Unity Game Engine is favoured among the gaming community as an easy and efficient way to build a game. It was officially announced for the very first time way back in 2005, and at the time it was only supporting one platform: the OS X. Since then, the software has grown and expanded so that it is now capable of supporting 27 different platforms. Wait, stop right there. Scratch that last, because there is to be a new kid on the Unity Gaming block. You guessed it. Google Stadia. If we skip back in time to the GDC, at

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Stadia vs xCloud vs PS Now: Which Cloud Software is Best?

Before games were saved on discs, they were stored on bulky cartridges. I’m sure we all remember those days.  Since then, the gaming industry has evolved and reinvented itself over and over—and now, with the rise of cloud gaming (and the immense success of television streaming services), gaming may stand to take a revolutionarily different route forward. A new generation of cloud gaming is on the horizon, despite the next-gen consoles being hyped for release in early 2020. Now that both Google and Microsoft have jumped on the cloud-streaming bandwagon, with Sony having taken the plunge five years ago, it

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