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Google Stadia: A Gamer’s Perspective

Contribution Article by: James Moore Host of Moore Than a Podcast June 22 of this year, was my birthday. I didn’t do anything special. I went in to my home office and got my laptop running. Thumbing through different sites and checking my mail, I finally began doing what I initially came to do. I typed in the search bar, “Buy Google Stadia”. I was greeted with an elaborate page full of galactic warfare and resident Destiny hero and quest giver Cayde looking awesome as always. I scrolled through the multiple range of ways a gamer could potentially play, showcasing Destiny 2

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Stadia’s Next Public Appearance Confirmed at Google I/O 2019

The 2019 schedule for Google’s three-day I/O conference has now gone live, and we are thrilled to announce that time has been allocated for discussion of the company’s plans for gaming. Running from May 7th until May 9th, the I/O conference is set to cover a number of topics, the most featured being Google Assistant and Android. However, gaming at Google and Stadia are still set to play a significant role, with one of the first events of the conference covering how Google can help game developers and, an hour later, there is set to be a talk by Google’s

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