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Google Stadia Reviewed: First Impressions by Fans

NOTE: MOST, if not all, images and experiences I showcase in this article were made by me. The featured image is copyright of Ars Technica. An Introduction to Google Stadia So, Google Stadia has just recently come out about a week or two ago on compatible devices. I say “compatible” because my Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet is INCOMPATIBLE with Google Stadia! Can you believe that lameness?! As I said in my Samurai Shodown Stadia review article, I had to use Bluestacks 4 (A 3rd-party software that turns a computer into a makeshift phone with computer inputs) to be

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Samurai Showdown Stadia

My Experience with Samurai Shodown Stadia

A Shodown for my Respect This past week, with some help from a 3rd party software called Bluestacks that turns your computer into a makeshift phone, I was able to play Stadia for the first time, and I got some pretty good (and not so good) results out of my time playing Google Stadia. Today’s game-in-question is Samurai Shodown! Remember: These are simply my OWN experiences, and all images in this article were made by me. The featured image came about due to  editing a snapshotted image in MS Paint.   First off, if you somehow don’t have a Google

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