The Benefits of Google Stadia

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the benefits that Google Stadia can offer over other gaming consoles and platforms? Let us help you understand what makes Google Stadia such an exciting upcoming prospect for the gaming community.

The Benefits of Google Stadia

There are many benefits to playing with the Google Stadia platform, and these could potentially revolutionize the ways in which we play games. But why should you consider buying a Stadia subscription over the newest console offering?

Game on Different Screens

One of—if not the—biggest benefits of Google Stadia is the fact that it allows people to play games across all of their favorite devices. Google Stadia will allow gamers to start a game on their laptop, only to jump to their mobile and pick up play from where they left off while on the commute to work. The possibilities are endless; even the more jovial suggestions, such as playing Stadia on the loo or at the gym, are totally plausible!

Instant—Why Wait?

Another benefit of Google Stadia is the fact that gamers won’t need to wait for their games to download, as can be the case for platforms such as Steam or when buying games online. This instant access will mean you can spend more time doing the thing that you love most—gaming!

Multiplayer Gameplay

Since Google Stadia is hosted online, the possibilities for multiplayer gameplay are huge. It is expected that gamers will be able to play with their friends without any additional charges and without compromising on the quality of the stream, which is a huge bonus!

Inexpensive Way To Game

In the past, when you wanted to upgrade your console, you would have had to buy a whole new gaming rig in order to do so. But not with Stadia! Google Stadia has two plans that we currently know of—Base, which is free, and Pro for $9.99 a month—and that is where the costs for the platform end! Save your money and buy the most epic new games instead with Stadia!


There can be no denying it: Google is a powerhouse in the world of computing, and Google Stadia is no exception. With insanely powerful data centers supporting the Stadia platform, the possibilities that Stadia can offer for gamers are quite literally endless. Expect open world games on a scale never before seen when gaming on Google Stadia!

The team also promises regular upgrades and updates to the platform, so that whatever happens, Stadia will always be improving and keeping up with the latest advancements in technology. What’s not to love?

Google Stadia Early Access!

The benefits of Google Stadia are numerous and as such, you might want to get your own copy! However, time is rapidly running out now to get early access for Google Stadia with the Founder’s Edition or Premiere Edition (depending on your country and availability of the different packages). So, don’t delay; join the massive community of Google Stadia gamers today!

Early access gives gamers many different benefits, including the chance to choose your own Google Stadia username before the masses flock to get the best names! In addition, depending on the package that you buy, you will also get your very own Google Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra (for Smart TV gaming), and three months of Stadia Pro membership! This is a deal that is not to be missed if you don’t want to miss out on all of the excitement, but you only have a few weeks to buy your plan!

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