Who Is On The Google Stadia Team?

Google Stadia has been a long time coming. With a massive tech giant such as Google, it was inevitable that they would look into serious opportunities at some point (aside from Google Play). Of course, jumping into the highly competitive and already established market that is gaming means that the very best people are needed on the Google Stadia team to make it work out.

Who Can We Expect To See?

Google have rightfully spared nothing when it comes to sourcing the best individuals available to them. This makes their Google Stadia team a rather impressive collective of talent, and means that we can expect to see great things when Stadia is released later on this year.

Phil Harrison—Google Stadia Vice President

Probably the most well-known name on the Google Stadia Team (after all of his recent public appearances), Harrison is the Vice President for the Stadia project. He has an extensive history in gaming, with over thirty years of experience. He worked for Playstation up until 2008, contributing in the release of many of their consoles, and he also founded his own graphic design company in 1986. From 2012 to 2015, he then worked as corporate vice president for Xbox.

Admittedly his portfolio isn’t perfect—there are arguably some projects which he was involved in that are regrettable at best—but on the whole, his skill should mean that Google Stadia is a hit. There can be no doubt that he has a strong passion for cloud gaming, at the very least.


John Justice—Head of Product and Vice President

For over fifteen years, John Justice has worked for Microsoft, making him one of the best choices for a new ‘head of product’ role. His skills and prior experience with cloud gaming and marketing make him a highly valued member of the Google Stadia team.


Jade Raymond—Vice President and Head of Stadia Games and Entertainment

Though her hire wasn’t announced until just before the announcement of Stadia itself at the GDC, Jade Raymond is a highly skilful member of the Google Stadia team who will be contributing immensely when it comes to organising the Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio.

Between 2009 and 2014, Raymond worked for Ubisoft and was able to establish its first Toronto studio. During this short period, she was able to grow the development studio so that, at the time of her leaving, it had over 300 people involved.


Rich Osterloh—Senior Vice President for Devices and Services

Osterloh’s rich tech background started back in 1999, when he started out by working for Amazon. He first joined Google in 2012 where he served as the senior vice president, but left to follow Motorola in late 2014. Eventually, he then returned to Google in 2016 as a senior vice president (once again), but this time for devices and services. Following on from that, it is now apparent that his latest role is as part of the Google Stadia team.


Mike Foley—Chief Financial Officer

Mike Foley has had a lot of experience with technology and gaming, and began his career in 2005 when he took on a role at the so-called ‘Big M’, Microsoft, as a director of corporate development. He then moved on and took a job as a senior vice president for EA in 2009. After six years of service, he was then hired by Unity Technologies as a chief financial officer, and during his time, the company earned over $800million.

Now at Google as as part of the Google Stadia team, which he joined in January 2019, Foley has been tasked with organising the finances for Stadia—a job which he is clearly experienced enough in.


Dov Zimring—Developer Platform Lead

Whilst he may not be overly experienced in the world of gaming and the game industry itself, Zimring has proved himself to be a loyal employee of Google and as such earned himself a space on the top table of the Google Stadia team. From what he personally claims, he has been working on Stadia since 2013 and he was around for the launch of the Project Stream beta, so his determination to see Stadia through to its release and beyond is clear to see.


Josh Feira—Chief of Staff

Feira has always been involved in technology, however his experience up until now hasn’t been relevant to gaming particularly.

He joined Google in 2014 in order to work on the Search team. He later went on to coordinate BizOps before, eventually, becoming the chief of staff and joining and Google Stadia team.

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