The Majority Of Console Gamers Are Considering Switching to Stadia

Since the announcement of Google Stadia just over a week ago now, the internet has been rife with activity in regards to the possibilities. Some are skeptical after previous attempts (by other gaming companies) at cloud streaming failed tremendously. Some are reserving judgement due to the nature of the service and the lack of a physical copy of a game. Some worry that Google may just ditch the project if it doesn’t go as well as hoper. But now it would seem that, despite all of the concerns circulating on the internet, the majority of people are eager to give Stadia a go.

A recent study of 2,000 randomly selected individuals, hosted by Harris Interactive, found that 34% of people were interested in the concept of Stadia (gamers and non-gamers alike) and would probably end up giving it a shot. When Harris Interactive then considered just the gaming community, the results of the survey suggested that 58% of console-gamers are thinking of trying Stadia out when it is released later this year. That’s not a bad result when you consider all the critiques and concerns floating around, and the fact that people haven’t had much time yet to really think about it.

Of the whole demographic, 4 in every 10 people (40%) in the U.K. had heard about the project within the first week of its announcement.

A further point of great excitement is that of the console gamers surveyed, over a third admitted to being very knowledgable on the subject.

Word of Stadia is obviously getting around quickly and we are thrilled to hear that there is such interest in this potentially groundbreaking project. But what about you? Where do you stand on the points raised by the survey?

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