Time’s Running Out: Founder’s Edition Sold Out in the UK

The early access version of Google Stadia—which is known as the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition—ran out in Europe on the 18th of September. This evening for UK residents, it has now been revealed that Google Stadia Founder’s Edition will no longer be able to be ordered for UK residents, as it has run out of stock there as well.

There is still hope, though! For our UK members looking to get their own access to Google Stadia when it releases on November 19th this year (see here for our article on the release date), the Google Stadia Premiere Edition will still be available.

I Didn’t Order My Copy of The Founder’s Edition—What Now?

If you didn’t get your copy of Founder’s Edition then you might instead want to invest in your own copy of the Google Stadia Premiere Edition package. The Premiere Edition is effectively the ‘second tier’ of early access to Google Stadia.

The primary advantage of the Premiere Edition is the fact that it gives users the ability to join in with the fun at the original release date, thereby also giving them the chance to choose their own exclusive Google Stadia username before the rest of the crowds! The Premiere Edition also comes with a clearly white Google Stadia controller, three months of Stadia Pro membership, and a Chromecast Ultra (for epic Stadia gaming on your Smart TV).

The Premiere Edition differs from the Founder’s Edition in that users do not get their own exclusive Night Blue controller, and nor do they receive three months of buddy pass either. However, for passionate gamers who missed out on the first round, it still offers a great way to get involved with all of the excitement months ahead of everybody else!

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