What Games Will Be Available On Google Stadia?

Whilst the premise of Stadia is undeniably intriguing, as a gaming platform it can only be a success if existing franchises and developers agree to join the network. So far we know that Ubisoft and id Software have agreed to work with Stadia, but other gaming companies have not yet publicly announced that they will work with Google on this project.

We have already been told that all games will have to be purchased before they can be played on Stadia, regardless of whether the player owns a copy already or not. However, we also know that cross-platform gaming is going to be a feature, and so theoretically Google should already have some big game names in mind. It is hoped that games which already work across multiple platforms, such as FIFA or Call of Duty, will readily work with Stadia.

It’s too early to tell for sure which game developers, other than the two previously mentioned, will join the Stadia movement and which won’t. It is likely that some may even wait to see how this new approach to gaming is received before signing on.

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