What Internet Speed Will Stadia Run On?

According to Eurogamer and GamesRadar, Google released a number of Stadia demos at GDC. These simulated the effect different connection speeds had on the gameplay and use of the product, and users remarked that results for all three of the demo categories (“excellent”, “degraded” and severe”) were all very acceptable for good quality gameplay. This is great news for people on average speed connections!

However, that doesn’t tell us exactly how fast an internet connection we need—but we can actually infer an answer to this question ourselves!

In another simulation, which was designed to demonstrate gameplay on an “unstable” connection (referred to as the “worst case scenario mode”), the internet connection was 15mbps. At this speed the resolution fell from 1080p to 720p and the quality of image streaming in general took a hit. Otherwise, though, the software did work—if not as well as one might like it to.

Theoretically this would mean that Google doesn’t believe Stadia could run reliably at much slower than this connection speed of 15mbps. Since the average US household’s connection speed is 18mbps, that shouldn’t cause many issues.

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