Google Stadia Crowd Play

Stadia itself is already shaping up to be a revolutionary gaming platform, but one of the features arguably stands out from the others: Crowd Play. It was created to allow you to join in with your favourite YouTubers in their gaming live streams, and is set to be a big phenomenon, with Matthew “MatPat” Patrick from The Game Theorists explaining how the feature will benefit his audience.

Predictably, the most well-known and influential YouTubers will find that their fans will be flocking to join in with the gameplay and there may be an influx of players all at once. To counter this, Google have introduced a “lobby” feature where eager players can wait for the next match, so that with every round there is only a set number of players at once.

Thus far we have yet to hear how Google plans to combat online toxicity and harassment through this particular feature. What with YouTube’s past record for animosity between users, it is understandable that some people may bet concerned by this potential problem. However, Google Stadia is planning to reveal more information about how Crowd Play will work in practice and hopefully we will hear more at that time in regards to this potential issue.

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