What is Google Stadia?

What is Google Stadia and what will its introduction mean for the future of gaming? Many people are still unaware of what Google Stadia is, even 7 months after Stadia’s announcement! (Updated 10/3/2019). We’re here to help you learn a very common question — “what is Google Stadia?”

At its simplest, Google Stadia is a cloud gaming platform that will allow gamers to play their favorite games on any device. Though not the first cloud gaming service available on the market, Stadia represents a unique approach to cloud gaming; Stadia will offer gamers with the opportunity to play ultra high quality, 4K resolution games on any of their devices.

Devices That Google Stadia Can Be Used On

Google Stadia will run on Google Chrome, and this means that any device that can open and run Chrome can also use Google Stadia! From gaming on your mobile device to playing your favorite games on your smart TV, the possibilities seem endless.

How Does Google Stadia Work?

Google Stadia and cloud gaming services work a little differently to traditional console gaming. By streaming games instead of playing them on a card or disk, gamers will be able to experience gaming possibilities that had previously been limited by the amount of data that could be stored on a game card.

Previous game streaming platforms have failed due to offering poor games libraries or content that lags, but this will not be the case when streaming ultra high definition games from Google Stadia.

What Makes Google Stadia Special?

Google Stadia offers a number of unique opportunities for the gaming community. Not only can gamers now enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere—gamers could end a game session before leaving for work and pick it up again during their lunch break on their mobile device—but Stadia will also offer a number of exciting new features.

The two biggest new features that Google Stadia offers are State Share and Crowd Play.

Google Stadia State Share

State Share is a unique Google Stadia feature that will allow gamers to share their gameplay from a specific point. For example, if you were just about to head into a boss fight and wanted to show off to your friends your epic battle, you could use the State Share feature to ‘screenshot’ the exact moment that you went into the battle. This would give you a unique link for your friends and fans to follow, which would allow them to watch your success from the exact moment that it began!

You can learn more about State Share by reading our article on the topic here: Google Stadia State Share

Google Stadia Crowd Play

Crowd Play is the second unique feature to the Google Stadia platform, and is arguably the one that the gaming community is most looking forward to seeing. Crowd Play allows gamers to stream their favorite games on Youtube—which is owned by Google. For live streamers, the Crowd Play option will allow fans to ‘jump into’ the game at any time, thereby joining in with the live stream action themselves! Talk about inclusive live stream gaming!

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What is Google Stadia

What is Google Stadia? Really… you had to ask that question?! Google Stadia is going to be the future of gaming. Cloud gaming as a whole will take over traditional gaming, but keep in mind, there are other cloud gaming platforms (such as PS Now, xCloud, Geforce Now, etc). What is Google Stadia and why is it better? It is the powerhouse of next-generation gaming that doesn’t require extensive graphical power on a per-user basis. Stadia is the future, and Stadia is already winning!

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