What is Google Stadia?

Publicly announced in October of 2018 by Google, it represents the latest in cloud-based gaming services. While many cloud-based video game streaming services exist, Stadia is a service unlike any other. Accessible through the google chrome web-browser, Stadia offers an immersive experience streamlined for efficiency.

Namely, the share-state feature built into the platform allows users to seamlessly share a unique link, allowing other players to access the exact point in game as the streamer. For instance, your favorite Youtuber can upload a video of themselves playing your favorite game. In this video, they share a unique link before they enter a boss fight. This unique link, if accessed, allows you to directly immerse yourself at the exact point as your favorite streamer! This feature save-state sharing requires little to no loading times and is an absolute game changer for connecting gamers

As of now, Stadia supports two games, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal. However, as this breakthrough streaming service continues to develop, the selection of games available will undoubtedly expand proportionately.

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