What is State Share for Google Stadia?

State Share allows developers to instantly share a playable moment from a game. This includes its current world state, player’s inventory and position on the map, as well as many other factors within your game.

How does Stadia’s State Share work?

When using State Share, your current game’s state (progress) is encoded in a link that tells Stadia exactly where to pick up the game at any specific moment in time. You can send this link to any Stadia friend or player, who can click on it and join into the game at the exact moment it was shared.

How many times can you share a link?

Users will be able to create as many links as they’d like! Send them to all your friends, players, rivals and others!

Can I keep this save even after I quit the game?

As of now, Google has not specified how long the State Share link will remain active for.

Are there any current games that use Stadia’s State Share?

Most games haven’t considered this feature and haven’t been built around in. There are, however, games being developed that will utilize State Share’s features. Dylan Cuthbert, founder of Q-Games, says that they’re currently working on a game involving State Share, and that it will be “the biggest title ever” for the studio!

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