What Will Happen If Google Stadia Is Cancelled?

One of the biggest concerns and questions that many Google Stadia skeptics have been expressing is, “what will happen if Google Stadia is cancelled”, just as so many other Google products before it have been?

Google’s Reputation For Cancelling Its Products

It will come as no surprise to anyone who makes use of Google products on a regular basis to learn that Google does, indeed, have something of a reputation for cancelling its software and products. Some of these discontinued

products include:

  • Google Plus
  • Google Video (which was admittedly made unnecessary after Google’s purchase of Youtube in 2006)
  • Google Answers
  • Google Health
  • Google Reader

Indeed, while many of these products didn’t have as many fans as Google might have liked, there were still large followings for many of these products (and their fellow ‘Google Graveyard apps that we haven’t mentioned).

For many Stadia skeptics, the question of “will Google cancel Google Stadia” is, therefore, actually a fairly

Google Stadia community
Project Stream was just one of the Google products which either never hit the market, or otherwise was discontinued. The success of the Project Stream beta served as the precursor to Google Stadia.

reasonable point to make and ask. After all, Stadia’s own predecessor Project Steam never got past the beta stage of production; what will happen if Google deems Stadia to be less of a success after its official launch than it had expected?

Why Google Is Unlikely To Cancel Google Stadia Any Time Soon

Google Stadia has been a huge project for Google and will have cost the company a staggeringly large sum of money to build and develop and advertise; as such, it seems highly unlikely that the company would make the decision to throw all of that investment away until the Google Stadia software has had a good chance to prove itself and its worth.

Sony and Microsoft are clearly feeling threatened by the prospect and sheer power of Google Stadia; the announcement of their partnership is clearly a direct attempt to make it possible for them to compete. Surely, then—if two of the big three gaming companies are feeling so threatened—Google Stadia has a good chance of being a huge hit anyway?

However, there is still the possibility that people won’t get involved with the Stadia platform. Gamers are still somewhat hesitant about cloud streaming, and this is particularly the case after the poor reputation of the Playstation Now, although it should be noted that Stadia will be free to use.

So, if it could potentially be the case that Google Stadia might still end up being a bit of a ‘flop’ for Google, what will happen then?

Google’s Answer To The Concerns

Google Director, Andrey Doronichev, gave us an answer to these concerns at the Stadia AMA last week.

In the words of Doronichev, in response to this question, “moving to the cloud is scary. I felt the same way when music was transitioning from files to streaming… The same happened to Movies and Photos and my Docs and other files…”

Clearly, the team behind Google Stadia are confident that the software and platform will work and will pave the way for a new gaming world—but he did also recognise the minute possibility of Stadia being discontinued when he stated that “nothing in life is certain, but we’re committed to making Stadia a success“.

In such a case, Doronichev explained that the Google Stadia platform will support the Takeout feature, which will allow users to withdraw and download from the platform the metadata for the games that you have purchased.

As such, it seems that we can be fairly confident that Google Stadia will work to protect our purchases on the platform. It is important to note that none of the previously cancelled products are even remotely comparable in regards to potential as Stadia, and with the overwhelming interest we’ve seen already prior to Google Stadia being released, the chances of the software not bringing in enough money for Google to be able to justify it seem slim. And, in the exceptionally unlikely case that Stadia was cancelled, at least we know that we will have the metadata—including saves—for the games that we have purchased.

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