When Is Google Stadia’s Release Date?

So far we know that Google Stadia is—at least to a degree—considering boycotting the E3 convention in favour of hosting its own event. But what about the release date of the Stadia software itself? All we really know from the GDC is that the server will be coming out at some point in 2019. Honestly, that’s not really very much for excited fans to go on.

Many gamers were left feeling a little lost and uncertain about Stadia after the GDC, where Google originally unveiled its plans for a cloud streaming service. With no reference to a price or release date—or even a partial list of games that would be capable of running on the servers—it was admittedly something of a disappointment.

All was not lost, though, as Harrison gave up a little more information in the following interviews about Stadia. He claimed that Stadia has shipped out hundreds of Game Development kits to build a collection of third party titles. On top of that, after mentioning that Stadia may or may not be present at E3 on the eleventh of June this year, he did point out that June would still be the month of Stadia’s next official public appearance.

What does this mean? Could this actually be the rough release date for Stadia? Some people seem to think that is what Harrison was subtly referring to but the chances are that it simply means there will be more information released. A June release date—just three months after the announcement of Stadia in the first place, if we ignore its precursor, Project Steam—seems incredibly ambitious and, in a word, rushed.

We have so far heard of but a handful of game developers who have signed on to the idea and from those, only a couple of games have actually been confirmed. But Stadia was supposed to be a library of hundreds of games. Getting the others on board in such a short space of time seems like an impossibility.

Whilst we know that Google seems to be steering away from tradition with this project, on the whole, gaming systems are usually released around November to target the holiday market. Whilst it is possible that Google may release Stadia a little earlier than then to try to avoid competition from other new releases, it seems improbable to us to expect anything earlier than a fall release for Google Stadia. 

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