Where to Buy a Google Stadia Controller for Sale

Google Stadia Controller for SaleIt’s been four weeks since the first official announcement of Google Stadia at the GDC (is that all—it feels like a lifetime ago if you ask me!), and since then the internet has been rife with theories and excitement surrounding Stadia.

One notable point that drew a smile from avid gaming fans was Google’s subtle nod to the old days of gaming; the Konami code, a reference to traditional Japanese gaming culture, that was etched onto the reverse side of the demo controller that was shown off at the GDC. When this Konami Code is typed in on the Stadia.dev website’s homepage, a 3D model of the controller then appears to give those of us who couldn’t make it to the GDC the best view of the controller.

Google Stadia Controller for SaleThe Stadia controller is the only physical part of the offering, with everything else existing on Google Stadia’s cloud servers. It has been designed with ease of use in mind, with comfortably rounded edges and a general appearance which  reminds us of a cross between the PlayStation and Xbox controllers. It has a few additional features, too, such as the ability it will have to initiate YouTube live-streaming instantaneously.

All in all, at far as a game controller goes, the Stadia controller sounds pretty awesome. Wouldn’t it be great, therefore, if we could get our hands on an early-release copy? If we could get hold of the very first Google Stadia controller for sale…

Alas, there has currently been no information on either the release date or the price for the Stadia controller, so no, that means that it will not yet be possible to find a real Google Stadia controller for sale (note: if you do find one, beware—it will be a scam).

So, when might there be a Google Stadia controller for sale?

Now, this is a tricky question to answer as there are a few steps that Google must undertake in before it can offer its Google Stadia controller for sale to the public. For one, as it has been said to be wifi-enabled, it will first need to be tested by the Federal Communications Commission before there is even any chance of seeing it made available.

Google Stadia Controller for SaleWe cannot necessarily expect the controller to be made available at the same time as the drop for the Stadia software, either, as Stadia is supposed to be fully useable on third party keyboards (such as your laptop’s) or touch screens (such as your tablet’s or phone’s). After seeing thus far how Google has chosen to tackle its marketing for Stadia—by leaving us hanging and forever wanting more knowledge, as they have only given us enough to wet our appetite and nothing more—it is even possible that they will purposefully delay releasing the Google Stadia controller for sale for weeks or even months after Stadia’s official release in order to continue the hype for the software and cloud servers.

What will the price be when there is a Google Stadia controller for sale?

Again, as with most things, Google has given us no solid indication as to what price it will be looking to charge when they release their Google Stadia controller for sale. However, we can get a fair estimate by looking at the big two competitors: Sony and Microsoft.

Since the Stadia controller will be wireless, we are only going to look at two models of the competition’s controllers: the Dualshock 4 by Sony and the wireless Xbox One controller. These sell for $60 and $50 respectively, so initially we would assume to see the Google Stadia controller for sale at somewhere around the $55 mark. However, this is too simplistic an assumption, as it doesn’t take into account that the Stadia controller is designed with extra additional features including:

  • The Google Assistant button can be pressed at any time during gameplay for instant tips and advice for your game.
  • The controller is equipped with a capture button, which will allow players to instantly take a photo or video of any particularly enjoyable game moment.

A better assumption would be that the Google Stadia controller for sale price tag will be at the higher end of that bracket or slightly above, somewhere around the $60 mark.

Google Stadia Controller for SaleOne would also expect that (if it’s released at the same time as Stadia drops) Google might offer a “package deal” to include the controller and a subscription together. That said, we aren’t even certain that Google will be using subscriptions as it wasn’t brought up as a point for discussion at the GDC presentations—though it seems highly likely—so it may be that the only way to get a Google Stadia controller for sale will be on its own. Again, Google seems to be unpredictable in that regard.

When they finally release the Google Stadia controller for sale, what devices will it be compatible with?

Of the three main topics covered in this article, this is the easiest one to answer by a long shot. The Google Stadia controller has been optimized (assuming it passes the Federal Communications Commission’s testing) for use on the Chrome web browser—a move by Google to promote their own over rivals such as Safari, it would seem. It should be usable through any internet-optimized device that also has access to Chrome, however we are speculating when we say that we expect to see it functioning on Apple or Android smartphones. Thus far—true Google style—they’ve only announced that Stadia will run on their own phone model, the Google Pixel. We would assume, however, that any mobile with Chrome should be okay.

Google would lose a lot of its potential customer base if not.

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