Why Everyone Was Impressed By Stadia!

Google Stadia made its most recent public appearance at the PAX WEST event this weekend, and the reception with which the platform was received was exceptional. 😀

Gamers were given the opportunity to try out the Google Stadia platform on a number of different devices, including the Pixel phone and the Pixelbook laptop. The gamers that were lucky enough to try out the system didn’t disappoint, either, providing a plethora of positive comments.

Previous concerns about Stadia have revolved around the way in which Stadia will work. The PAX WEST event has hopefully gone a long way in terms of helping to dispel these concerns. Indeed, it has been said that the quality of gameplay on Stadia was phenomenal, with latency issues being nonexistent and the quality more than living up to the promises that Google made.

Why Everyone Was Impressed By Stadia! 1
The Google Stadia booth at PAX WEST gave visitors the opportunity to play DOOM: Eternal and Mortal Kombat on the Google Stadia platform, using the unique Google Stadia controller with a Pixel phone.

In addition to this, further comments were made about the quality of gameplay with the Stadia controller. Until now, we haven’t had many chances to try out the unique Stadia controller on the platform. Google seems to have realized this mistake on their part, as there was a whole section at Stadia’s PAX WEST booth dedicated to allowing gamers to try out Google Stadia gameplay with the use of the new Google Stadia controller. Players reported that the controller was easy to use and worked well, allowing for seamless gameplay experiences on the Stadia platform! 🚀

All in all, the PAX WEST event was incredibly successful for Google Stadia. We can only hope that the success of this event will help to create newfound for support for the Stadia gaming platform.

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