Why Google Stadia Is Great For Game Devs

When the gaming community first heard about Google’s seemingly ambitious intentions to create a whole library of games for the Google Stadia Store, it was largely unconvinced. Indeed, at the time of the original announcement, the only game that we knew of was Google Stadia Assassin’s Creed—and, since then, we’ve certainly not had enough titles announced to fill a library.

A shelf, maybe, but that’s all we know at the minute.

However, new announcements have been coming relatively regularly and there seems to be a lot of big titles coming to Stadia. In addition to uPlay+ somehow being integrated with the Stadia platform as well, we can rest assured that there will still be a sizable and worthwhile number of games available to buy and download on the Stadia store.

But what about other games that have not yet been announced? What about those awesome titles that everyone love, but which have not yet been publicly released for the Stadia store? Well, fear not, Stadia fans, for there is hope for every one of your favorite games—no matter their popularity or size!

In an interview a little while ago, it was reported that the CEO of Ubisoft—Yves Guillemot—made the claim that “the extra cost to port, to make sure the games work well on Stadia is not that high.” This short snippet, though simple in itself, seems to prove to us that game devs wouldn’t have to put very much work into converting their existing game titles from traditional console copies into a version that will run easily and efficiently on the Stadia platform.

And, after all, if there isn’t much worked involved for the game devs (but potentially huge profits associated with such an action), why wouldn’t they jump on board with the idea and port their games over to the Stadia store as well?

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