Why The Microsoft-Sony Partnership Is Doomed To Fail

Last week, we heard about the new partnership between Sony and Microsoft in response to the threat posed to them by Google Stadia. Though an unexpected development, it does admittedly make strategic sense for the pair to join hands when faced with a new competitor such as Google, however we can’t help but wonder whether or not this partnership will really work in the real world, as opposed to just on paper.

At first glance, the partnership between Sony and Microsoft really ought to be a game changer or, at the very least, should put the pair on the same level as Google Stadia. After all, though Google is the biggest business of the three—with a revenue of approximately $20 billion more than Microsoft and a staggering $120 billion more than Sony, there’s no denying who the powerhouse is in this gathering—the combined income of the two corporations practically puts them on the same level. When one further considers the fact that both Sony and Microsoft are also already established in the gaming industry, whereas Google are the inexperienced newcomers, they should at least be able to hold their own against the Google Stadia threat, if not totally blow it out of the water.

Unfortunately for Sony and Microsoft, we don’t see that this can be the case. Though they may have experience on their side, Google has gone out of its way to hire some big gaming veterans as part of its Google Stadia team in order to give it a competitive edge. Additionally, what they lack in knowledge of the gaming industry, Google seem keen to make up for with passion; thus far, they’ve taken criticism on the chin and haven’t been bold enough to release too many Google Stadia secrets, allowing them potentially to assess the markets before making a decision in regards to other factors such as pricing.

The main issue that we expect Sony and Microsoft to face is their natural loathing of one another. This partnership seems to have been founded firmly on the logic of, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and as such, this pairing is hardly a harmonious one. The two gaming giants have been at each other’s throats for years, and it seems unlikely to us that they’ve been able to repair this relationship enough to make the partnership work.

All in all, we still expect Google Stadia to come out on top. Not only is it expected to be the far superior cloud gaming software, but it is also set to be released prior to the Xbox Two (the Playstation Now isn’t much of a threat, really, unless substantial changes are made). It also comes with a number of cool Youtube-based features that the other consoles simply can’t match.

Simply put? Google Stadia is still as much of a threat to Sony and Microsoft as it was before.

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