Will Stadia Work On My Broadband Speed?

Whilst Google Stadia is, thus far, proving to be quite a hit among the gaming community—with the exception of a few skeptics—there are still a number of unresolved concerns surrounding the upcoming Google Stadia release. One of the major issues that people have is in regards to the very nature of cloud gaming; notably, will Stadia work in the first place on modern internet speeds?

At the recent GamesBeat summit, we saw Phil Harrison talking with a true veteran of game development, Amy Hennig, about a number of matters. Naturally, the Google Stadia release was a topic of interest for a while. When questioned about whether or not modern internet and broadband speeds will be adequate to run the Stadia software, Harrison replied:

We study broadband very carefully, as you can imagine, and very deeply. In the markets that we will be launching, where we are planning to introduce [Google Stadia] in the future, broadband connectivity is more than sufficient to satisfy the most ambitious aspects of our plan.

The bandwidth we require to enjoy Google Stadia at the highest level is only 30/35 megabits per second, and that’s to play at 4K. 20/25 megabits per second is enough for less than that, so it’s not a massive bandwidth that we require.

Clearly, a fast internet connection is required to play Google Stadia games at their very best, but will it be possible? According to Speedtest’s Global Index, the global average download of data speed is 26.12Mbps, but this includes countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq who are running speeds of barely 6.0Mbps.

Will Stadia Work
Stadia will be playable in exceptionally high 4K resolution.

The averages for Canada, Western European countries, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom are 65Mbps, 40Mbps, 34Mbps, and 30Mbps respectively. These are said to be the main markets for Google Stadia, so clearly, most people should be able to use the software when we finally get a date for the Google Stadia release.

So, Will Stadia Work?

With the upcoming launch of uber-fast 5G data, along with the fact that most households will have fast enough broadband to use cloud gaming, it is safe to say that Google Stadia will be fully functional

in 4K resolution for the majority of its target audience.

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