Will We See Stadia at E3?

E3 is one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year and has been accepted in the industry as the best choice of venue for releasing information about new and next-generation hardware. It therefore seems obvious that Google would be giving out more details about Stadia there. And yet, in reality, it is uncertain if they will be presenting at all.

So far we have been told that Stadia will definitely be making a public appearance in June, the same month as the E3 convention. In an interview with Polygon, Harrison made it quite clear that “the summer is when we will be next back out in public [but] we’re not confirming E3.”

Is this simply a case of Google trying to seperate itself from the crowd? Are they attempting to draw attention by not conforming with the gaming industry’s expectation? Thinking outside of the box is, after all, the gist of Stadia’s motto (“The future of gaming is not a box”).

Of course, if Stadia skips E3, Google Stadia must be planning a seperate event to make its next public appearance. This wouldn’t be such a push for a company which already hosts two private events; one in May and one in the fall.

For now, we can only speculate on what Google’s plans are. If nothing else, though, their attempts to draw attention to their project definitely seems to be working.

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